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What is GLOW?
GLOW is a weekly group therapy program for people who have been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder (ED). The group will be based on interpersonal group therapy and nutritional rehabilitation, with the primary goal of promoting recovery.

Program Overview
GLOW is built upon the principals of recovery from the holistic perspective of

  • A healthy body and mind
  • Being able to experience and sit with emotional distress
  • Engaging in life through school, work and fun
  • A healthy relationship with food
  • Finding out who we are
  • Working on relationships with others
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with trauma, grief and loss
  • Improving body image

Life can become incredibly challenging for people on the inside of an Eating Disorder, and for their loved ones who are supporting them. For everyone, life becomes overwhelmingly about food, eating and appearance. While treatment and support is available for someone with an Eating Disorder, it is less so available for Families and Carers who are providing care around the clock. We are currently offering a group specifically for Parents and Carers to help you understand what your loved one is experiencing and how you can best support them.


Recovery from an Eating Disorder relies on nutritional rehabilitation, and the major component of this is undertaken by the person, and also by the carers. If your loved one has an Eating Disorder you will know first hand the impact this illness has on them, and also on your family. This is most evident at meal times, and understandably this mostly happens in your home.