eating disorders

Life can become incredibly challenging for people on the inside of an Eating Disorder, and for their loved ones who are supporting them. Life becomes overwhelmingly about food, eating and appearance.

The recovery journey is primarily about engaging in nutritional rehabilitation, while learning how to regulate mood with healthy coping strategies that promote wellness, while developing a tool kit to prevent future relapse. Working with the person on the inside of an illness and their loved ones is imperative, as is working within a multidisciplinary team to provide a shared model of care.

I am passionate about working with people who have Eating Disorders and have worked extensively in this area as a Coordinator of an Eating Disorder Day Program and the Family Meal Program, and as member of a multidisciplinary treatment team working with individuals, families and groups. Currently I am working in the Butterfly Eating Disorder Day Program as a Key Support Worker.

Family Meals can be a difficult time for people with an Eating Disorder. Working in conjunction with a Dietician, we offer an opportunity to consult with the family in the home at a meal-time. The overwhelming benefit of this service is the ability to see the Eating Disorder in action, and provide relevant and useful strategies in the moment when it is needed the most.
This service is offered to families that I am working with, or in consultation with other health professionals.

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I am currently operating my practice from The Pebbles - Centre for Wellbeing Located at 9 Patterson St, Nunawading, (Monday to Friday).

Appointments at The Pebbles can be booked online (button at the top of this screen) or via 0421 236 233.

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